Our boats capacity varies according to the boat type : the maximum capaicty for the catamaran-pedalo is 4 people, for the Bbq donut it's 10 people, and for the Fantail it's from 8 to 10 people. For safety rules, each person would get a life vest to waer, hence children over 2 years old count as a person, not babies.

If fou are more than 7 on the Fantail and want to be comfortable to enjoy your meals, we recommend menus to share or finger food, to avoid feeling tight.

No, less than 10 people can board our boats. The rental price varies according to the number of people and the duration of the ride. A minimum rate is set for up to 7 people, and each additional person will be charged a supplement based on the chosen duration formula. We recommend you to be as many as possible in order to minimize the individual cost.

Example: for an hour boat ride, the minimum price is $ 149.95 for up to 7 people, and each additional person will pay $ 20. So, if you are 7, the price per person would be $ 21.42, if you 5 it would be $ 29.99, and if you are 10 it would be $ 14.99. The quote "The more we are, the better" will never be so meaningful.

Yes. Our boats accommodate babies from birth as there is no age limit to board. However, Babies / children must be under the responsibility of their parents or any adult accompanying them. For safety measures, every passenger on board will be supplied with a lifejacket approved by Transport Canada. Seats and baby carriers are not allowed on board. We recommend carrying the baby on you.

However, be aware that the ride may seem long or uncomfortable, and no refund will be granted for your rental should you decide to shorten your ride.

All our boats are safe and certified by Transport Canada. Our suppliers are picked carefully with the best qualiity and your safety in mind. The Bbq donut is german-made, the Fantail is Quebec-made, and the Catamaran-pedalo is made in France. They are all unsinkable and built according to the rule of art. At the cutting edge of technology, the materials used are the most resistant to shocks and temperature variations.

Furthermore, the maritime safety regulations are only for AquaPiknik to provide at each location: lifejackets, line of capture, buoy, etc., visual signals (lamps, rockets distress, etc.), security equipment (a manual propulsion device, an anchor, a bailer, etc.), navigation equipment (sound device or device, navigation lights, etc.) and equipment against fire (fire extinguisher), etc.

AquaPiknik promotes and encourages the democratization of boating without any discrimination. However, our facilities and boats do not facilitate access for persons with reduced mobility on board and offer no storage solution for their wheelchairs or other equipment.


For your rental you can either pay:

  • by debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) online or on site,
  • through Paypal on our website.
  • Or in cash on site

Yes, and here are the terms:

  • Any reservation canceled 7 days or more from the rental date is refunded in full
  • Any reservation canceled within 7 days from the rental date is 80% refunded
  • Reservations canceled 48 hours before the rental date will be 50 % refunded
  • Any reservation canceled 24 hours before the rental date will not be refunded
  • No refunds will be made for cancellations on scheduled holidays
  • If weather conditions are deemed unfavorable by AquaPiknik to go on the water (thunderstorms, strong winds, etc.), the rental will be canceled, and you will be notified either in advance or on the same day at the dock. It will be postponed to a later date, as many times as necessary.

* In the event of reimbursement, the amount reimbursed will be net of processing costs.

No, it is not possible to make a down payment. All bookings must be paid in full in advance or on the day of the rental.

Yes, a $ 1000 deposit is required on a valid credit card and the freeze is completely released upon the return of the boat, assuming there is no damage caused during the boat ride to any of AquaPiknik's properties.

Our prices vary depending on the duration and number of people. So, for:

i) 1 hour, starting from $ 149.95 for up to 6 people, and $ 14.99 per additional person,

ii) 2 hours, starting from $ 249.95 for up to 6 people, and $ 19.99 per additional person,

iii) half day is starting at $ 449.95 for up to 6 people, and $ 49.99 per additional person,

and iv) the day starts at $ 599.95 for up to 6 people, and $ 74.99 per additional person.


No, the food is optional and is not included in our rental prices. When it comes to having food on board, you can either bring your own picnic from home, or cook your ready-to-grill meal on a barbecue installed on request at $ 10 per hour, or order from a partnering restaurant. The last option will cost you a supplement based on the chosen menu. The available menus are from selected restaurants with catering license. No changes, cancellations or refunds of orders will be allowed within 24 hours prior to your reservation.

Yes, drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis is allowed on board. However, the designated driver must respect the limit prescribed by Law, otherwise he is liable to criminal sanctions. He will also have to ensure that his boat remains safe by controlling the quantities consumed by his attendance.

You can bring your cooler. However, we provide free of charges ice buckets and some boats do have integrated coolers.

When you rent a boat with AquaPiknik, we provide you with ice buckets, charcoal and cooking utensils if you have ordered the barbecue. When you choose the catering option, we provide the dishes. All our boats are electric and equipped with integrated audio accessories (to manage with your Smartphone or a USB key and mood lights) We also make sure that the boat has enough energy to satisfy the duration of your ride according to the chosen offer. 

Yes, you can smoke on board, but any inherent in damages caused to the boat (inside or outside) will be at your expense.


Yes, it is possible to book more than one boat; however, since the same person can not drive two boats at the same time, each reservation must be made with a separate designated driver, for a maximum of 10 people.

For a reservation of 3 or more boats, or if you are a group of more than 25 people, please contact us by phone or email at for a tailored booking.

Our boats do not require a driver's license. A designated driver will captain the craft*, to whom navigation and safety instructions will be given as well as a driving training before the outing on the water. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the start of your rental as not to eat up on your rental time. The boats are easy to maneuver, as simple as a golf cart. Even for novices, the grip will not be difficult. AquaPiknik therefore offers you an excellent opportunity to introduce you to pleasure boating; however, a captain service is also available if you prefer, at a cost of $ 50 per hour.
The captain or designated driver must be at least 21 years old. If it turns out that this condition is not met during the check on rental day, the reservation will be canceled by AquaPiknik without refund.

* The captain is the designated driver and is responsible for the boat and its passengers for the entire rental duration. A boat rental checklist will be completed and signed by AquaPiknik and the designated driver, serving as proof of competencies; The latter must always make sure to understand the information provided by the representative of AquaPiknik and have the signed checklist on board during his outing on water.

We do operate under raining conditions. However, if you decide not to go out because of rain, AquaPiknik will give you a rain-credit and reschedule the outing on another date and time, but No refund!

A grace period of 10 minutes is granted and beyond that, AquaPiknik will charge you the price of an hour rental of $ 149.95. On the other hand, if you wish to extend your ride before your departure or before the end of your rental, AquaPiknik will charge the additional cost provided that the boat is available.

We offer different types of boat rides: 1h, 3h, 5h or the whole day. Some of our packages have a duration of 2h or 2h30.

We are in operation from the end of May until mid-October. Management reserves the right to change its dates of operation at any time. 

The designated driver or captain must be 21 years old and more. Should this condition found not met on rental day, Aquapiknik would cancel the rental with no refund. However there is no age restriction for other passengers.